Towela Kaira X Ghetto Culture & Fide – Amina

Towela Kaira X Ghetto Culture & Fide – Amina

Talented Female artist Towela Kaira, is up with a new trending sound on social media titled Amina, which she joined  forces with young dancers of kopala “Ghetto Culture” and Fide.

“Amina” by Ghetto Culture featuring Towela is a captivating collaboration that seamlessly blends reggae melodies with Afrobeat rhythms, creating a melodious and uplifting track that resonates with listeners.

Musical Composition

The song begins with a soothing reggae groove infused with modern Afrobeat influences. Ghetto Culture’s production features smooth guitar melodies, groovy basslines, and rhythmic percussion that create a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The instrumental arrangement evokes a sense of positivity and celebration, perfect for both relaxation and dancing.

Lyrics and Themes

“Amina” celebrates love, unity, and the beauty of companionship. Ghetto Culture and Towela deliver heartfelt lyrics that express deep affection and admiration. Their verses are filled with poetic expressions of devotion and gratitude, capturing the essence of emotional connection and romantic bliss.

Ghetto Culture opens the song with soulful vocals that exude warmth and sincerity. Towela complements with her soul-stirring voice, adding depth and richness to the melody. Their harmonious blend creates a melodic and enchanting experience that resonates on a personal and emotional level.

Vocal Performances

Both artists showcase their vocal versatility and emotive range in “Amina.” Ghetto Culture’s smooth delivery is complemented by Towela’s dynamic and expressive vocals, creating a captivating synergy. Their collaborative effort enhances the song’s narrative and emotional impact, making it a standout in the reggae and Afrobeat genres.


The official music video for “Amina” (watch it here) enriches the song’s narrative with vibrant visuals and cinematic storytelling. The video captures the essence of love and togetherness, showcasing Ghetto Culture and Towela in captivating performances that bring the song’s themes to life.


“Amina” by Ghetto Culture featuring Towela is a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift. With its infectious rhythms, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful vocals, the song offers a delightful fusion of reggae and Afrobeat influences. For those looking to experience the harmonious collaboration of Ghetto Culture and Towela, watch the official music video on YouTube here.

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