T Sean ft Triple M – Jealous

Baila Empire Music recording superstar front liner – T Sean bounces on the music track with a brand new latest single tagged jealous which features Triple M ,

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Jealous” by T-Sean featuring Triple M is a vibrant collaboration that blends Afrobeat rhythms with dancehall vibes, creating an infectious and energetic musical experience.

Musical Composition

The song opens with an upbeat tempo and catchy melodies that immediately draw listeners in. T-Sean’s production is polished and dynamic, combining pulsating Afrobeat rhythms with the rhythmic flair of dancehall music. The instrumental arrangement is rich in texture, featuring vibrant synths and percussion that amplify the song’s infectious groove.

Lyrics and Themes

“Jealous” explores themes of love, attraction, and desire. T-Sean and Triple M deliver playful yet heartfelt lyrics that capture the excitement and intensity of romantic emotions. Their verses are filled with clever wordplay and expressive delivery, adding depth and personality to the track.

T-Sean kicks off the song with his smooth and charismatic vocals, setting a laid-back yet captivating tone. Triple M follows with his dynamic flow and infectious energy, complementing T-Sean’s performance with his own unique style. Together, their chemistry creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Vocal Performances

Both artists showcase their vocal versatility in “Jealous.” T-Sean’s melodic delivery effortlessly blends with the rhythmic beats, while Triple M’s energetic vocals injects a sense of urgency and passion into the song. Their collaboration results in a seamless fusion of Afrobeat and dancehall influences, appealing to fans of both genres.


The official music video for “Jealous” (watch it here) enhances the song’s lively vibe with colorful and dynamic visuals. The video features vibrant scenes that mirror the song’s themes of romance and attraction, showcasing T-Sean and Triple M’s charismatic performances.


“Jealous” by T-Sean featuring Triple M is a standout track that exemplifies the best of Afrobeat and dancehall music. With its infectious rhythms, playful lyrics, and dynamic vocal performances, the song promises to captivate listeners and keep them grooving. For those looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of “Jealous,” be sure to watch the official music video on YouTube here.

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