T Bwoy ft Yo Maps – Too Much

Zambian based top notch talented recording singer T Bwoy dishes out a brand new song tagged Too Much which he has featured Yo Maps taken off from his album

Too Much” by T Bwoy featuring Yo Maps is a soulful collaboration that blends Afrobeat melodies with R&B vibes, showcasing the vocal talents and musical chemistry between these two prominent Zambian artists.

Musical Composition

The song begins with a melodic intro and a smooth, mid-tempo groove that sets a romantic and introspective tone. T Bwoy’s production is characterized by lush piano chords, subtle guitar melodies, and laid-back percussion, creating a serene and atmospheric instrumental arrangement. The music combines elements of Afrobeat and R&B seamlessly, offering a soothing and heartfelt listening experience.

Lyrics and Themes

“Too Much” explores themes of love, passion, and emotional depth. T Bwoy and Yo Maps deliver heartfelt verses filled with poetic expressions of affection and admiration. Their lyrics convey a message of devotion and longing, capturing the complexities and beauty of romantic relationships.

T Bwoy opens the song with his velvety vocals and soulful delivery, conveying sincerity and vulnerability in his performance. Yo Maps follows with his signature smooth and emotive vocals, adding depth and intensity to the track. Together, their voices intertwine beautifully, creating a harmonious and emotionally resonant experience for listeners.

Vocal Performances

Both artists showcase their vocal versatility and emotive range in “Too Much.” T Bwoy’s rich and soulful vocals complement Yo Maps’ heartfelt delivery, creating a compelling synergy that enhances the song’s emotional impact. Their collaborative effort results in a captivating and memorable performance that showcases their individual strengths as vocalists.


The official music video for “Too Much” (watch it here) enhances the song’s narrative with cinematic visuals and intimate storytelling. The video captures moments of love and connection, showcasing T Bwoy and Yo Maps in evocative scenes that mirror the song’s themes of romance and longing.


“Too Much” by T Bwoy featuring Yo Maps is a standout collaboration that exemplifies the best of Afrobeat and R&B music. With its heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and emotive vocal performances, the song resonates deeply with listeners on a personal and emotional level. For those looking to experience the enchanting collaboration of T Bwoy and Yo Maps, watch the official music video on YouTube here.

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