Bobby East Ft. Yo Maps – Weakness

Bobby East Ft. Yo Maps – Weakness

Xyz  Entertainment  presents with Bobby east with a new offical Music video, audio titled Weakness which features Zambia’s talented/Award winning artist Yo Maps.

Weakness” by Bobby East featuring Yo Maps is a heartfelt collaboration that combines Afrobeat rhythms with R&B influences, showcasing the vocal prowess and emotional depth of these Zambian music sensations.

Musical Composition

The song opens with a soulful melody and a gentle beat that sets a contemplative and emotive tone. Bobby East’s production is characterized by smooth piano chords, atmospheric synths, and subtle percussion, creating a serene backdrop for the artists’ poignant lyrics. The instrumental arrangement evokes a sense of vulnerability and introspection, perfectly complementing the song’s themes.

Lyrics and Themes

“Weakness” explores themes of love, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy. Bobby East and Yo Maps deliver heartfelt verses that capture the complexities of relationships and personal struggles. Their lyrics are filled with raw emotions and introspective reflections, inviting listeners to connect deeply with their narratives.

Bobby East begins the song with a soul-stirring vocal performance that conveys sincerity and longing. Yo Maps follows with his melodic cadence and expressive delivery, adding depth and authenticity to the track. Together, their voices blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious and emotionally resonant experience.

Vocal Performances

Both artists showcase their vocal versatility and emotive range in “Weakness.” Bobby East’s smooth vocals are complemented by Yo Maps’ soulful harmonies, creating a captivating synergy. Their collaborative effort results in a poignant and compelling performance that highlights their individual strengths as vocalists.


The official music video for “Weakness” (watch it here) enhances the song’s narrative with evocative visuals and cinematic storytelling. The video captures intimate moments and emotional expressions, bringing the song’s themes of love and vulnerability to life through captivating imagery.


“Weakness” by Bobby East featuring Yo Maps is a standout collaboration that exemplifies the best of Zambian music talent. With its soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and emotive vocal performances, the song resonates deeply with listeners on a personal and emotional level. For those looking to experience the soul-stirring collaboration of Bobby East and Yo Maps, watch the official music video on YouTube here.

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